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Light Bulbs Are Being Banned All Over the World

by:Guangli     2020-09-17
After incandescent light bulbs have lit up the world since their creation by Thomas Edison in the late 1800s - American law is enforcing change. People are becoming less ignorant to the current state of the environment with climate change and the warnings that fossil fuels are running short; but it is not enough to just be aware. It is important that we act on these warnings and attempt to improve the planet in ways that are easy to do.
What is the Light Bulb Ban?
This ban is to gradually phase out the use of incandescent lights and lamps and replace them with much more environmentally friendly LED lights. Many countries across the globe are co-operating with this and have planned to completely wipe out incandescent bulbs by a certain point in the future. The world is joining together to enlighten its citizens about the current environmental state and urge us to refrain from using bulbs that are essentially playing their part in destroying the planet.
What Can I Do About It?
As the continents are joining together to enforce such a ban that will happen eventually, it is best to prepare for such a change within the world before everybody else is forced to. By contributing towards improving the environment and replacing all of the incandescent bulbs within your home with a friendlier LED light source you will barely notice the change in the law. Doing this earlier than others could also save you a lot of effort when the rush comes and give you the ability to feel the benefits before those who still use incandescent bulbs.
What Are the Benefits Of LED Bulbs?
You may not already realise this but there are a lot more benefits to LED bulbs than being environmentally friendly one of which is saving you a lot of money.
LED lights can last for around 10 to 20 years; so let's say on average 15 years in comparison to the measly 1 year for incandescent lights. If you substituted paying 50 pence for an incandescent light bulb every year for an A�1.50 LED every 15 years it would save you A�6 per bulb. If you had 7 light bulbs it would save you A�42 over the 15 years.
That A�42 may seem very little over the course of 15 years but not only do you save money buying the light bulbs you save money on electricity too! Regular incandescent are 20% efficient and 80% of heat energy is lost. They cost around A�57 a year to run; in comparison to these LEDs are 80% efficient and experience just a 20% heat loss costing A�14 a year to run, saving you A�43 per year from just one light bulb. If you had 7 LED bulbs in your home over the course of 15 years, plus the savings for purchasing the initial light bulb, you would save an amazing A�4557 by just making the effort to change to a more environmentally friendly bulb.
This means that by switching bulbs you can help both your bank balance and the environment - and whoever said it was a bad idea to leave the old bulbs behind?
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