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Light Tape: Benefits Over Ropes or LED

by:Guangli     2020-08-02
Light tape is a new choice that is revolutionizing the way that auxiliary light is being used. With thousands of different applications, this light is powerful enough to be seen up to five miles away, while also very inexpensive to operate. Light tape is operated through an excitement of a phosphor layer when an alternating electrical current is applied. This excitement of the phosphor crystals gives off the desired light. Because of this the light is uninterrupted and does not travel along a certain route via a fiber. Because the crystals cover the entire surface of the tape, the entire tape emits the light. There are many different commercial, industrial, and residential type applications where light tape can be used over other types of lighting. This type of light can be used to accent stairs, windows, advertising on walls and other curved surfaces. It can be used as a backlighting to many different architectural designs. This tape can also be used for safety applications, and even as markings on highways and airport runways. The use of light tape is only hindered by one's imagination. Along with the many uses, this light has many benefits over the use of light ropes and LED type lighting fixtures. While the ropes and LED light fixtures are easily installed, the tape simply adheres to the surface. There are no tools necessary in the installation of the tape. Light tape is also very flexible. Because there are no fibers, or small LED light bulbs housed within the 2 mm thick tape, the usual limitations are not present. The tape can be bent in any type of configuration that is needed. Any curved surface can take the tape. Another benefit of this flexibility is that intricate designs can be done for greater accents and better look. Because of the way that the phosphor crystals are activated there is not a lot of heat generated through the tape. This also means that there is much less energy consumption, as much as 93% less, with the light tape. With the use of the tape you also do not have the worry of broken bulbs or gases that can be released through small cracks. The light tape can also be used in both outdoor and indoor applications without worry of damage due to weather. There is no maintenance needed and the crystals will give off light for many years to come.
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