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Magical straw small night lamp producing method

by:Guangli     2020-03-13
< p > step 1: < / p > < p > light-emitting diodes: ACTS as the lamp light source, long legs is positive. < / p > < p > step 2: < / p > < p > mercury switch: a glass bulb, seal with a drop of mercury inside, put out two metal pins. Because mercury is a liquid, liquid for glass is not ( Note: for a particular material, liquid into infiltration and infiltration) So mercury droplets can within the glass bulb free rolling; And because mercury is a metal, so it has the conductivity. When mercury scroll to the bottom of the glass bulb, two metal pins are connected, the mercury switch closure; When it scroll to the top of the glass bulb, the switch. < / p > < p > step 3: < / p > < p > the first connect diodes, mercury switch and the wires, the mercury switch and diode in series with the positive control circuit opening. Exposed in the process of connecting wires, had better use insulating tape wrapped. To traverse through the straw, until the light emitting diode completely hidden in the straw, lead out from the other end. The wire connected to the battery, pay attention to the positive to the diode connected to the anode of the battery, is connected to a mercury switch. < / p > < p > step 4: < / p > < p > the battery box, can need not directly connected with 2 wires to a battery, also can, but I had trouble with fixed, and not beautiful. < / p > < p > step 5: < / p > < p > must note that mercury switch plays a decisive role in the production process, the connection should pay attention to its front, straw up straight, mercury switch, light emitting diode is not bright. Bend down to straw, mercury switch is closed, the light will be bright! < / p > < p > step 6: < / p > < p > circuit connection part is done. Will power, lead hidden in paper cups, only the straws, such an amazing small night light is ready. < / p > < p > chaozhou li electrical appliance factory specializing in the production of light a night light, temperature and humidity meter, LED rechargeable small desk lamp. < / p > < p > the article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com/ < / p > < p > < / p >
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