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Mainly talks about the LED light source energy efficiency

by:Guangli     2020-04-11
< p > LED, simple to understand, is the semiconductor light-emitting diodes, is currently the world's most advanced solid-state lighting technology. Leds are not filament bulbs old face, but with semiconductor chip as the material of solid-state lighting. It USES electronic mobile to glow, directly converts electrical energy into light energy. Therefore, LED off the low power consumption, high service life. When can be recouped in about high quality energy-saving lamps use 1 year cost, high power LED light source, the maintenance cost is low, one-time investment returns are more obvious. Although most energy-saving lamps than incandescent lamp energy saving effect is obvious, but in essence is a kind of fluorescent lamp, through the low pressure mercury vapor discharge light rare earth tricolor fluorescent powder to glow, currently only do double side thin tube. And, a lot of harmful to the environment, such as energy-saving lamps contain mercury lamp discarded later if people casually discarded, not prone to energy conservation and environmentally friendly. Semiconductor solid-state lighting such as LED and fluorescent lamps on craft have essentially different, semiconductor lighting is cold light source, does not need to be inflatable, do not need glass shell, do not contain mercury, from the production process to use until the scrap is free from contamination. In addition, the LED lighting also has good color, no stroboscopic, the light is downy and other features. Abroad to achieve the goal of energy saving, published many policies and regulations to encourage the production and use of energy-saving lamps. It is understood that the latest is the United States congress to pass the energy law of has booked out the traditional light bulb, and the eu is no longer on the market sale of incandescent lamp, eu countries not only to the development of low cost, long life, energy saving lamps enterprises compensate, also make compensation for the poor families to purchase energy-saving lamps. Based on the LED lighting technology to develop the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, could be 1 ~ 2 times over the next 10 years of above. The performance of the light source, that is, energy efficiency, can use its power and its resulting brightness is measured by the ratio of the two, with the lumens per watt ( lm / W) To represent. A common Philips 60 w frosted incandescent lamp can produce 890 lumens, so the efficiency of the light source is 15. 8lm / W。 According to different types of bulb encapsulation, the actual performance of the lighting device may be declined dramatically. For example, if put a standard incandescent light bulb in the concave type illuminant, using a mirror reflects light, so due to the wastage of the reflector we will only get 50% of the lighting efficiency. The whole lighting energy efficiency becomes a 7. 5lm / W。 We often can see some LED manufacturers claim that further improve the performance of LED lighting light source of the lm/W. For example DOE for research projects is to SSL in the field of commercial lighting light source efficiency from the current 30 lm/W to more than 150 lm/W. Based on the current SSL concave type draft lighting energy star program, we can calculate the use of the existing components of SSL overall energy efficiency of lighting, for aperture is slightly greater than 4 inches, correlated color temperature ( 有条件现金转移支付) For 3000 k lighting device, its minimum brightness is 500 lm, minimum light efficiency of 35 lumens per watt. The performance of cold white leds has doubled in the past two years. If the warm white leds have similar performance improvement of energy efficiency, so in the near future we will be able to see a 80 lm/W warm white LED. Isolation drive options to improve the efficiency of the whole lighting device also played an important role. Now this is a trade-off between price and performance of the two. Linear actuator is the lowest price, but its efficiency in the range of 50% ~ 60% between. Switch drive efficiency is the highest, generally between 80% ~ 85%. If you want to achieve higher efficiency, you need more complex circuit, so drive cost is higher also. < / p >
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