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Matching skills of night light

by:Guangli     2020-07-21
1. Aromatherapy smell matching effect: The essential oil is volatilized by the heat of the bulb, which has the effects of deodorizing, purifying the air, decomposing second-hand smoke, and alleviating mental stress, creating a romantic atmosphere for the whole house. 2. Light matching effect: The daily use of electric lights is too dazzling and uncomfortable when the lights are turned on at night, and the night light is soft and soft like water, which can produce a moonlight-like lighting effect and create a dim and warm lighting environment. It helps to calm people down and sleep peacefully. It can be used as a walkway lamp to save electricity. 3. Decoration and matching effect: The night light has various shapes, beautiful and practical, vivid shape, and lovely image; the lampshade can be twisted down as a decoration or gift.
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