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Mechanical temperature and humidity meter

by:Guangli     2020-03-25
< p > a, temperature, temperature measuring several principle, have a plenty of use mercury thermometer, bimetallic thermometer; Second, humidity, humidity measurement is hair hygrometer or bimetallic strip. By temperature and humidity change make hair or bimetallic strip heat bilges cold shrink to pull the pointer changes indicator shows the current temperature and humidity. < / pre > < p > chaozhou light lili mechanical night light socket, the company independent research and development design is to design the reaction principle of the bimetallic strip, reached for air space temperature, humidity measurement. < / p > < p > impact on People's Daily life environment temperature and humidity is bigger, use the night light socket, daily life, therefore, can effectively deal with the change of environmental temperature and humidity of life to adapt to living environment, and can cope with the effects of stress influence by environmental changes. < / p > chaozhou light company specializing in the production of night light socket, welcome advice, welcome to wholesale purchases. < / p > < p > post: light a night light ea - gl。 com

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