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Motel Circuits - Seven Things to Take Along For Healthy

by:Guangli     2020-07-03
The mid-range $40-$60 coupon-discounted motel circuits are not always consistent in their service and upkeep. One motel might offer a great continental breakfast along with a room that was not cleaned well. Another one might provide a well-furnished room with a skimpy unkempt day-old breakfast. Still another one might have questionable room door locks, or might not furnish an alarm clock or coffee maker. The following seven items will help offset this kind of inconsistency while making the stays at these places safe and germ free. 1. Nightlight. A few motels now have nightlights built in with their blow dryers; many others do not. A small personal nightlight prevents the unnecessary stubbing of toes and other potential bruises. Yet some travelers will produce a dim nightlight by leaving the bath-commode light on, and then cracking that door open partly. However, that is not a so-called green usage of electricity. It boosts the motel's overhead, and raises the nightly rates. 2. Windup or battery-run clock. Most motels provide a digital clock. But many of them are not set accurately on arrival, nor are easy to set up dependably? These motels will also provide an automated wake-up service via the telephone. But it could be easier and smarter to carry a dependable easy-to-set clock if an effective wake-up alarm will be needed. 3. Blow dryer. Although most motels have wall-mounted blow dryers, they do not always work right. Previous travelers might have dropped them or been rough with them in some other way. Solution: have a personal one on hand. 4. Food and water. Travelers who have small amounts of non-perishable food and filled water bottles on hand will not be caught off-guard without this kind of sustenance. If they should find themselves where food outlets do not exist or close early, the carried-along chips, packaged fruit, peanut-butter crackers, and trail mixes are much less expensive than the vending-machine stuff. This situation will more likely happen in the rural areas than in metropolitan ones. This means of having food on hand can be carried much further for convenience and economic reasons. A cooler full of pre-made sandwiches and other items, like, fresh fruit, cheese spread, soda pop, and healthy snacks can save on driving time as well as food costs. A pleasant cost-saving picnic in a nice rest area or park can be refreshing. Also, most motels now have small refrigerators and microwaves for storing and warming up personal food. 5. Coffee maker. No matter what its functional type might be, the in-room coffee maker is a headache both for the traveler and for the motel itself. Essential parts from it are often missing or broken. Additionally, these makers are not always cleaned well. Thus, some motels have quit putting them in their rooms, although they might be available at their offices at check in. Yet, for the motels that do provide them, the commercially packaged grounds and accompanying condiments are satisfactory. Therefore, to make sure the finished product is okay by personal preference, it is more dependable and safer to carry a maker. 6. Antibacterial hand wipes and antiseptic sprays. The overall room cleanliness might vary from one motel to another, especially if any of them are having difficulty providing this quality service. Thus, for health and sanitary reasons, travelers can protect themselves by using the hand wipes often. They can also pack sterilizing squirt bottles to wipe down whatever they will touch in their room, e.g., door knobs, light switches, sink and bath faucets, commode seat and flush handle, drawer handles, blow dryer, table tops, TV remote, and so forth. 7. Personal alarm or self-protective spray. Most of these motels are very safe to stay in. However, a traveling family or group will want to have a prearranged buddy system for keeping an eye on each while getting ice, using the pool, or separating from each other for any reason. These travelers could also carry high-pitched personal alarms or small canisters of pepper spray for extra protections if safety ever becomes a concern for any reason.
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