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Natural Spectrum Lamp - Relief Therapy to Combat

by:Guangli     2020-09-02
If you dread winter and become the office grouch, a natural spectrum lamp may be just the ticket. Your mood swings, irritability and lack of energy may be very noticeable amongst your co-workers. You may eat more, gain weight and feel more tired as the day winds on. Seasonal affective disorder is a condition millions of people develop in varying degrees. As the amount of sunlight drops off, people become less productive and more miserable as winter takes hold. The most common symptoms people report are: Depression, wide mood swings or excessive anxiety levels. Minimal interest in normal daily activities and an excessive level listlessness. They begin to gain weight and crave more carbohydrates like breads and pasta meals Any person can feel down and depressed during the winter. This is normal behavior, but the constant level of depression some people experience may be put them in the category suffering from disorder. It has been documented that this condition is more common in: People who live in geographies that have extremely short days or have drastic changes in amounts of daylight during different parts of the year. Women are more typical in suffering from this condition. People between the ages of 15 and 55. The initial risk of being affected by the disorder declines as the body ages People with a close relative or partner who demonstrates the symptoms of the disorder In summary, if you believe you feel more irritable and suffer from this condition, it is recommended to seek a medical opinion. In the meantime, there is a relatively simple way to deal with this problem without medication. Purchasing a natural spectrum lamp has been found to produce enough simulated sunlight to help mild cases deal with this issue. Many people have reported an increase in energy and positive attitude when using such a device on a daily basis.
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