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Night Lights for the Traveler

by:Guangli     2020-07-15
Waking up in a strange hotel room at night and finding your way to the bathroom without stubbing a toe or getting blinded by a wall switch light can be a daunting task. Using a travel night light that not only provides light but provides it at high efficiency and low power and can be solution is a LED light can be used with a standard USB charger when you are not charging a cell phone or at the same time if you have a dual port charger. This new approach for producing high efficiency, low power lighting uses LED white light technology coupled with a standard USB universal charger to provide a low level light source perfect in intensity. Thus, allowing you to navigate your way around a dark room while not so bright as to to blind you. Of course, this is not just for traveling it can be used at home or in the office or even in the outdoors. All you need is a USB charger/power supply with a type A receptacle. The night light kit consists of two parts a LED light bulb and a USB charger/power adapter. The LED light bulb which is in the shape of a USB memory stick contains the LEDs and is surrounded by a see through cover. Just plug the LED light bulb into a USB power source and you have light. High efficient. low power light. For example a standard 4 watt incandescent night light or even a standard LED nightlight still consumes 30-40 ma @120v which equals 3-4 watts! The LED light bulb solution only requires 2 ma @ 120v which equals less than.25 watts. That's 10x less power consumption to produce light levels about the same as the incandescent and more than most LED night lights. You can use just the standalone LED light bulb and plug it into your own USB power source or use a prepackaged kit. There are two kits available. A wall socket kit that plugs directly into a wall socket or a lamp kit that can replace a standard light bulb in a lamp on your night stand. Some novel uses are target applications such as accent lighting or lighting specific areas like hallways, offices, break rooms, computer rooms, etc. This is truly amazing technology and if used in volumes could have a substantial impact on our environment. So if you like to save money. You want to save energy. You love to save the earth. Then these innovative solutions can help us all.
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