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Novelty lighting: a small night light only takes 1 KWH for 10 years

by:Guangli     2020-03-16
Light, concluding the subtle relationship between the human and lighting, a warm light, can bring a person the most intuitive true feelings, also can show the brilliance of the science and technology. < / p > a small universal LED bulbs, not only changed the traditional concept of lighting, application of the cutting edge of technology, create a comfortable and healthy family atmosphere, make the light can light up not only, also can improve quality of family life. < / p > < / p > a light-activated small night light, with lovely witty little modelling on the joy of life, for the life is very interesting. Small night light adopts LED, super energy saving, it is said that 10 years will only be 1 degree electricity consumption. Small night light for provide a faint light at night, when the room light dimmed, small night light automatically send downy light, and when the light lights, small night will shut down automatically, provide a convenient for nocturnal, and does not affect the normal rest at the same time. < / p > < / p > is a candlestick, one end is a light bulb; A light is old type, a head is the modern civilization. Double end of Sunday Lamp, wall Lamp, will can use fixed on the wall. A power failure, will rotate it 180 degree holder, it suddenly becomes a candlestick. Beside the lamp holder is a little tray, can put some pieces of sundry, also can put on a few books. In addition, stylist still is unique to the top of the bulb blackened as chimney, is really cool. < / p > < / p > < / p > glow of soap, and when you rub it, it won't create bubbles, but the soft light. Lamp light regulation, the soap is also by rubbing. You want to adjust bright or dim the lights, then need to rub it like using soap, it is said that this kind of touch can also help people to reduce stress, is a very cute design. < / p > < / p > novel bicycle lighting system, should be absolutely seconds kill you previously saw all kinds of bicycle lighting equipment. Before and after it is made up of two of LED luminous ring is fixed on the wheel, fixed in front of pigments used to provide lighting, is better than traditional bicycle light is more eye-catching red warning light on the rear wheels make every night ride more secure. In the bicycle fork head also installed a little for the LED light group provides the direction and speed of the wheel rotation information, so that the entire lighting system is turned on and off form all determined by the speed of the wheel, is very smart, very convenient also. < / p > < p > chaozhou light li electronics company, specializing in the production of 3 c electric small night light, welcome consulting < / p > < p > the article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com

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