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Op intelligent children's reading and writing desk lamp light care for children's health

by:Guangli     2020-04-17
< P > with the year 315, the party LED lights 'stroboscopic' problem is put forward, consumers are aware of the health effects of lamplight, and began to highly attention to the quality of the light. For are now in a critical stage of growth and vision development learning in terms of children, it is particularly important to run more scientific, careless slightly are prone to use eye health problems. Opple as the industry leader, in 20 years dedicated to study the effect of light for people physiological and psychological aspects, continuously introduce is beneficial to people's physical and mental health of lighting solution. In view of the children with eye health, op also tailored professional solutions. Op intelligent children's reading and writing desk lamp, opple is combined with intelligent means and humanized design, based on the professional degree for children study desk lamp, aims to provide them with a healthy light environment. It is suitable for use by children in learning the road first desk lamp, accompany them thrive. < / P > < P > providing children with a healthy learning environment light < / P > < P > children learn course is more, strength is larger, with eyes, if the long-term use of low quality desk lamp, the resulting stroboscopic, glare can stimulate a child's eyes and cause blurred vision, increase eye fatigue, blu-ray even more will be irreversible effects on the children in the retina. As children learn good partners, 'no flash, anti glare, no harm of blu-ray video' can be thought of as a single study desk lamp on the basis of quality. And the children's intelligence, speaking, reading and writing desk lamp passed CCC certification, stroboscopic test to avoid the inspection level, prevent the visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic. At the same time, compared with ordinary lamp standard of RG1 blu-ray without harm, op the lamp blu-ray harm test results meet the highest grade RG0 exemption level standard; And by IEC 62471 optical radiation safety tests, considered to be no risk of lamps and lanterns, fully avoid retinal damage caused by the blu-ray and optical radiation, to eliminate worries parents. < / P > < P > children learn easily desertion has always been a parent. In fact, the child's attention, except with the child's own reason, also have associated with desktop illumination not enough. Low quality desk lamp of point source can't cover area children's study, will lead to uneven desktop light dark space, reduce the comfort, when the children to read and write cause visual fatigue, and affect children's attention concentration. At the same time, the children in the learning process of a day, external light environment has been changed. For while studying in the middle of the night lights, for example, if use in the evening after school, will stimulate children because too bright eyes, cause discomfort, so as to reduce the learning efficiency. < / P > < P > op intelligent children's reading and writing desk lamp AA illuminance standard, and was the national center for light power evaluation for five-star rating, a desktop space, more efficient access to light and more close to natural light, provide the best for your child to read and write with light environment; Desk lamp with a photosensitive sensor at the same time, the use of op professional optical algorithm intellisense ambient light changes, automatically adjust the lighting, comfortable with the eye care every moment. < / P > < P > in addition to outside health halo, children improperly seated is the concern of the parents. Improper posture for a long time, easy to cause the child bow-backed, will cause harm to the spine, neck. When children learn from books too close can also lead to myopia. Op intelligent children's reading and writing desk lamp can intelligent monitoring children sitting position, and voice reminder, in the sitting position is not at the time, with interest, encouraging words to remind children to help improve children sitting position, accompany the children healthy growth. < / P > < P > opple breakthrough unceasingly, gradually improve health layout < / P > < P > op in health research has carried on the thorough research in the field of lighting, insight into different physiological and psychological characteristics of different groups of all ages, launched many health related products: study human sleep habits, developing water lily color lights, light environment suitable for sleep, sleep as soon as possible. Circadian rhythm according to the human body, for the morning and work at night sleep needs different scene, simulate the daily life, the key will be unified regulation of lamps and lanterns transform for the most appropriate state; For women wanting to develop lens headlight, lens headlight provides daily dinner, makeup and a variety of illumination model, make makeup look adapted to different environment change, let the beauty of the female coruscate gives confidence in every occasion; 'Resource' through the magic wand at the color, control the stars light frame color changes, improve children's color discrimination, inspire children's imagination. < / P > < P > opple insists on the mission of adhering to the 'light creates value', constantly breakthroughs in the field of health run out. These are all professional and strength at the foot of the solid foundation. Listed after the op more with the power of capital to increase investment in research and development spending, continuously improve product core competitiveness, let consumer can control the household light environment. Believe that through continuous efforts to innovation and product upgrading, in the near future, opple will provide consumers with more lighting solutions, model professional, intelligent, healthy, fashion for the mass experience of light environment. < / P >
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