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Photosensitive resistance profile, and structure

by:Guangli     2020-03-20
< p > photosensitive resistance profile < / p > < p > photosensitive resistor is made using the photoelectric effect of the semiconductor a resistance change with the strength of the incident light and the resistor; The incident light intensity, resistance is reduced, incident light is weak, resistance increased. < / p > < p > photoresistor light measurement, the light is commonly used in control and photoelectric conversion ( The change of converts the change of light to electricity) 。 Commonly used photoresistor cadmium sulphide photosensitive resistor, it is made of semiconductor materials. Photosensitive resistor resistance with the incoming light ( Visible light) The strength of the change and change, in the dark, under the condition of its resistance ( The dark resistance) Can reach 1 ~ 10 m euro, in bright light conditions ( 100 lx) It resistance ( Bright resistance), Only a few hundred to thousands of ohm. The sensitivity of the photoresistor light ( The spectral characteristics) With the human eye to visible light ( 0. 4 to 0. 76). Mu m's response is very close, as long as the human eye can feel light, and will cause its resistance changes. Electric circuit, the design USES incandescent bulbs ( Flashlamp) Light or natural light for control the light source, has greatly simplified the design. < / p > < p > photosensitive resistance structure < / p > < p > usually, photosensitive resistor are made into flake structure, in order to absorb more light. When it was light irradiation, semiconductor chip ( Photosensitive layer) Within just inspire electronic - Hole pair, participate in conduction, increase current in the circuit. In order to obtain high sensitivity, photosensitive resistance of electrode comb is often used to design, it is under a certain mask to photoconductive film on steamed gold-plated or indium metal forming. < / p > < p > photosensitive resistor by photosensitive layer, the glass substrate (usually Or resin moistureproof film) And electrode, etc. Photosensitive resistor in a circuit with the letter 'R' or 'RL', 'RG' said. < / p > < p > chaozhou xiang li electrical appliance factory specializing in the production of small night light light and night light, LED rechargeable small desk lamp socket. < / p > < p > the article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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