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Piano Desk Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-08-11
What are piano desk lamps? Are they really all that different from any normal lamp that you use on your desk? Piano desk lamps are lamps that are specially designed for your piano. Any piano lamp is designed to light up the sheet music on your piano, without shining a light back into your face. This allows you to see the music clearly without having to shield your eyes from the light that's shining on the music. This can be a great asset when you're playing the piano. But won't a simple normal lamp do the job just as well? There are instances when a normal room lamp will help increase the visibility of your sheet music. The brighter the room is, the brighter the music will be. But while a floor lamp will be able to increase the light in your room, a piano lamp is specifically designed to light up the sheet music. It allows you to place a lamp directly onto your piano and shine it exactly where you want it, rather than lighting up the whole room and relying on that to increase the amount of light on your sheet music. Piano desk lamps can be especially useful in rooms with poor lighting, or if your piano is placed in a position that is easily shadowed by other objects in the room. Piano desk lamps allow you to focus the light directly onto the piano, regardless of how the light is in the rest of the room. Some may be tempted to use a very small regular lamp in place of a piano desk lamp. This may be one of the worst things you can do to solve your lighting problem. While a normal lamp will be able to increase visibility in most settings, desk lamps aren't going to help your problem when you're playing the piano. This is because any lamp you place directly on your piano is going to shine back into your face. Desk lamps don't pose a problem for bedside reading, because you're sitting at the side of the lamp to read. But when a lamp is placed directly on a piano, you're going to have to stare almost straight into that lamp in order to read the music. Piano desk lamps are designed with a shield on the front, which keeps the light from shining into your eyes. This shield also allows all of the light given off by the lamp to shine directly onto the sheet music, making the light brighter on the music, and keeping you from having to squint while looking at the lamp.
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