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Piano Desk Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-08-23
The piano desk lamps made by House of Troy Lighting are by far the biggest selling lamps of their kind. House of Troy Lighting has an excellent reputation for building quality, attractive, and long lasting lighting products. They are based in Northern Vermont and are well known for offering lighting products built with precision and care, with attention to detail and high craftsmanship. These piano desk lamps have a solid weighted base that is made to sit securely on any flat surface, making them perfect for upright (vertical) pianos as well as desktops and tabletops around the home and office. The bottom of each lamp is lined with felt so that they will not scratch your piano or desktop. The weighted base of these lamps keeps them from tipping over, unlike many of the other more poorly made lamps on the market, which are feather light and tip over easily. Some of the more important things to consider when looking to purchase a piano desk lamp are: Location of light switch, wattage output of lamp, size of shade, single or double adjustment arm, shade flexibility, color, and design. To be able to offer its customers a wide variety of choices, House of Troy has taken the time to carefully consider all of these so that potential customers have a number of choices available when considering a purchase. For example, the on/off switch on some models is located on the base, on other models it is in the cord 6' from the base, and on other models it is located on the shade. In each case, the switch is conveniently located for easy access by the user. Some folks prefer more light while others prefer less. The wattage output of these lamps ranges from 80 to 120 watts, so the user has a choice as to how much light the lamp will give off. Certain lamps have a maximum of 120 watts and others have a maximum of 80 watts. If you were to purchase a lamp that allows 120 watts, and found that it was too much light, you could put two 40 watt bulbs in to lower the brightness of the lamp. However, if you purchase a maximum 80-watt lamp, you cannot use more than 80 watts in the lamp. The general rule is: You can always use lower wattage than the maximum, but you should not use a higher wattage than the lamp is capable of using. (Usually 80 watts is plenty of light because the light can be focused directly on the music or work). Basic Features of Piano Desk Lamps: Solid Construction Attention to Detail Heavy Weighted Base Easy Access On/Off Switch Single or Double Adjustment Arm Flexible Shades for Focused Light Various Wattage Output Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty Piano desk lamps all have an adjustable arm and swivel shade that allow the user to focus the light directly onto the piano music or other work. The lamps with a double adjustment arm allow even more flexibility when it comes to the positioning of the shade. If you are sitting close to the light, as in sitting at the piano, you will not have the problem of the light shining directly into your eyes making it difficult to see and uncomfortable to bear. Simply turn the swivel shade so that the light goes straight onto the music. House of Troy has designed many attractive piano desk lamp styles to meet the wide variety of consumer tastes and desires. Among these styles and designs are antique to contemporary style lamps, polished brass, satin nickel and mahogany bronze styles, lamps with marble and glass incorporated into their design, as well as combinations of the above. You will be able to find a lamp to your liking that will compliment the look of your piano or desktop and match the d?�cor of your home. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for. It is true that you can purchase a piano/desk lamp elsewhere for less money, but these cheaper lamps are usually feather light, and very poorly made (not to mention quite unattractive). Consequently they last about one to three years and then you have to buy another one. When you buy a House of Troy lamp, you will have it for a very long time, and you will love the way it looks on your piano or desk. Proper lighting is very important! It reduces eyestrain and aids in concentration, which results in a more productive outcome whether practicing at the piano, doing homework or office work, or simply enjoying casual reading time.
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