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Poor eyesight is related to LED lamp lights?

by:Guangli     2020-04-15
Light she has learned from the media: the media said the lights for the eyesight is mainly manifested in these aspects: the influence of stroboscopic, ultraviolet light, color rendering index. CCTV10 science and education programs tested all sorts of lamps and lanterns for the influence degree of the vision, the result showed that no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet ray, reached more than 90 color rendering and illustrates the LED desk lamp as vision eyecare products seems very perfect, is this true? Principle for vision, is not only affected by the lights of the single factor, it also affected by other factors. We take a look at the following: first, genetic factors, especially those with high myopia. And developmental factors for human vision is also has a certain influence, is in the eye lens curvature was long and increases gradually with age, if excessive development, eye axis also gradually lengthen, the formation of myopia. And environmental factors, which is the main cause of today's society many myopic patients. Young students of myopia rate rise gradually, this and leave in today's society is more and more developed science and technology products. Today's youth myopia is mainly to watch TV, Internet, playing video games for a long time do not pay attention to use eye, such as, of course, also because of reading, writing posture is not correct, the book put close to the eye, or lighting condition is bad. These will make the ciliary body muscles contracting, lens degrees F growth, make the muscles inside the ciliary body is in nervous condition, variable F lens can't conceive after to normal, thus causing the pseudomyopia. If still do not pay attention to take effective measures to prevent and control, it becomes true sex myopia. Finally said again, other factors, if other factors for human nutrition change also causes a certain strength problem, and so on. So, prevent myopia not just to change the light, but more should be more from other reasons, will let our eyes better!
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