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Precautions for lamp installation

by:Guangli     2020-07-20
1. The installation should be carried out by an electrician, who must hold a certificate to work; 2. Before installation, you must make sure that all cable boxes, switches and sockets are firmly installed and upright; 3. Heavy-duty lamps and fans are strictly prohibited to be directly installed on the keel of the ceiling project; 4. Its model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. should be consistent with the design parameters; 5. There are three types of modern lamps: antique, innovative and practical. Regardless of how they are matched, the shape of these three types of lamps should be as serialized as possible when selecting them overall; 6. Families with a living room can use some fashionable lamps in the living room, such as three-prong chandeliers, decorative wall lamps, multi-section rotating floor lamps, etc. Families with tight housing should not install too fashionable lamps, which will increase the feeling of crowding. Ceiling lamps should not be installed in rooms with a floor height of less than 2.8m. Ceiling lamps should be selected; 7. The color must obey the color design of the entire room. It is necessary to pay attention to the color coordination of the lampshade and the shell and the color of the wall, furniture and curtains.
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