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Principle of LED desk lamp light source

by:Guangli     2020-05-09
Main parameters of LED desk lamp LED light work is VF, IF other related is color/color/wavelength/brightness/light Angle/efficiency/power consumption, etc. LED is a PN junction diode, only enough positive voltage applied to the conduction current, VF forward voltage is established for LED a normal working state, the IF forward current is LED, luminous intensity and the flow of electric current into a direct ratio. White LED VF nominal voltage: 3. 4V± 0. 2V。 LED light source in mass production, each batch of leds VF has certain discreteness, consistency, necessary for the customers to use when the LED factory must be sold by different VF step; Otherwise it will lead to the same production there are differences between the luminance of LED lamps and lanterns; LED the IF, according to the application needs to choose different current class cannot mix.
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