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Principles for choosing home lighting fixtures

by:Guangli     2020-07-19
1. The principle of simplicity Lighting fixtures should play the finishing touch in the room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated colors are not suitable for simple rooms. Of course, the most important thing is to match with your home decoration. Is harmony promoted now! There are corresponding lighting engineering designers who can better give you a new home design plan. Allows you to save time and have a good effect of home lighting. 2. Convenience principle Most people have experienced the embarrassment of replacing the ceiling light bulbs: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, holding their heads at 90 degrees, raising their arms over their head to a ceiling that is 2.5 meters high or higher. When choosing a lamp, you must consider the convenience of replacing the bulb. 3. Energy-saving principle The energy-saving light bulb saves electricity, has good illumination, and does not radiate too much heat. Most energy-saving light bulbs are standard screw sockets, and the chandelier has two calibers. One is standard, and energy-saving bulbs can be used; the other is non-standard, which cannot use energy-saving bulbs. Pay attention to when choosing: Spotlights are mostly non-energy-saving products. The future trend is LED light sources. 4. Safety principles Be sure to choose lamps from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with total load. According to the total load, you can determine how many wattage bulbs are used, especially for multi-head pendant lamps, that is: number of heads * wattage per bulb = total load. In addition, the bathroom and kitchen with high humidity should use waterproof lamps. 5. Functional principle For rooms with different functions, lighting fixtures of different styles and illuminances should be installed. The living room should use bright and rich lamps; the bedroom should use lamps that do not feel dazzling when lying on the bed; the children's room should use lamps with gorgeous colors and rich styles; the bathroom should use simple and waterproof lamps; the kitchen should Choose lamps that are easy to clean; some places that require special performance can also choose spotlights. 6. Coordination principle A home lighting-based lighting fixture. The product is designed with fashion, energy saving and environmental protection. It integrates decorative lighting with the overall style of the room. Multiple lamps in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. Such as rectangular balconies with wooden walls, wooden cabinets and wooden roofs, suitable for rectangular wooden lamps; rectangular entrance hall with iron table, iron tube glass dining table and chairs, suitable for rectangular iron tube chandelier; and gold cabinet door handles , Golden spotlight bedroom, suitable for lamps with golden decoration.
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