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principles must be known when choosing lamps

by:Guangli     2020-07-15
Many of you don’t know how to choose lamps, and don’t know what type and brand of lamps are installed in the living room, bedroom, study, dining room, and kitchen; in order for us to create a healthy and livable living space; before choosing lamps, we must first Understand the basic knowledge of lamps and lanterns; today Guangli introduces you to the 8 principles that must be known when purchasing lamps, which are indispensable. 8 principles must be known when choosing lamps Step 1: Brand Before buying lights, we must establish the principle of going to a brand store to buy brand lighting. On the principle of brand purchase, choose the most cost-effective and most suitable lighting for you. For example, there are well-known domestic and foreign brands such as NVC Lighting, Philips, Osram, Ge Chen, and Aesthetic Light. Step 2: Security Safety is always the most important, you can ask the salesperson to show the relevant 3C report when buying the lamp! In addition, as to where certain lamps are suitable for use, please consult online customer service of Taode Mall in detail before purchasing. For example, in general, the bathroom should use waterproof and anti-fog lamps. Step 3: Energy saving For the common people, energy saving = saving money and saving your operating costs. Therefore, it is best to choose LED lamps and energy-saving lamp light sources in the selected lighting. Tungsten halogen high energy consumption light sources and lamps are used as little as possible! Step 4: Function In the decoration, different types of lamps should be selected according to the function of the area. For example, do not choose spotlights in the bedroom! The bathroom should choose waterproof and anti-fog lamps. Elderly rooms should choose lamps with higher illumination to avoid accidents for the elderly! The fifth step: cost performance Use the least money to buy something better. Everyone should understand the cost performance of a lamp in terms of the material, style and craft of the lamp. Such as a crystal ball in a crystal lamp, the price of 108-faced and 220-faced crystal ball is a world of difference! Therefore, when buying a lamp, don't just look at the merchant's price and more to understand the essence of the lamp! Sixth step: concise The biggest function of lighting is to show the effect of decoration, so when buying, it is best to be based on the principle of simplicity. Lighting that is easy to replace the light source and easy to maintain is the best choice! Step 7: Coordination Lighting and design styles must be coordinated, and overall color coordination or style coordination should be maintained. For example, the modern minimalist design should choose white or silver-gray lamps, and the traditional Chinese style should choose the traditional sheepskin lamp. In addition, it is best to choose a series of lamps from brand lamps. Step 8: Popularity If you still can’t choose a lamp, then go to the decoration city and see which store has more people to buy from! I believe the eyes of the masses are sharp!
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