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Processing customized desk lamp matters needing attention

by:Guangli     2020-04-28
Processing customized desk lamp is not only environmental protection and durable, but also brought great convenience to people's life. Just as we often meet with in life a power outage, this time we processing customized desk lamp will have the effect of the corresponding. During power failure, we can use the desk lamp of processed to give lighting, of course, the premise is you the desk lamp of processed must be charged before power cut, so regular charging is essential. So in addition to these, we still need to pay attention to what? Let's follow her - light The desk lamp of a professional custom processing factory to share to share! 1. The desk lamp of processing custom don't remove the parts at random; 2. If the processing customized desk lamp in the case of not often use, we regularly every two months for processing customized desk lamp blunt once electricity; 3. Processing customized desk lamp when not in use, we need to processing customized desk lamp safe-keeping, lest out dust accumulation; 4. Every time use processing customized desk lamp, remember to should take put down gently, don't drop fall, so as not to damage the parts; 5. Processing customized desk lamp in the process of using, if it is found that processing customized desk lamp light suddenly became weak, to immediately stop using and charging as soon as possible, if continuous charging, every time can't exceed 20 hours; 6. Processing customized desk lamp when charging, don't open the processing customized desk lamp use, because it will easy to damage processing customized desk lamp of pumps; 7. When using processing customized desk lamp, don't let the noise of processing customized desk lamp light straight into the eyes, so that for the eyesight have damage, if the children or students in the use of processing customized desk lamp, need adult's supervision. Thick in the above knowledge, I believe we are still students at night, whether it's a power outage li processing customized desk lamp light eye effect is that the light is downy, not dazzling. To the kind of the lamp that shield an eye no stroboscopic, no radiation, due desk lamp of edge device, its purpose in the glare, to reduce the damage to the eyes.
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