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Redecorating the Home Office With A Black Desk Lamp

by:Guangli     2020-08-17
When you are renovating or redecorating your home office be sure to allow for adequate lighting. Many of us that do our work from home tend to work well into the evening (and some of us in to the following morning) and light is our best friend during this time. I know when I renovated our home and we were choosing lighting I decided that not only would I require a well lit ceiling light, but I wanted to have a desk lamp as well. I chose my black desk lamp that has a fluorescent globe because it is more energy efficient. There are not too many nights that I don't have my black desk lamp burning the midnight oil. That is what you get when you live at the place that you work. It is a great lamp that I don't feel guilty about leaving on when I am working my way around the latest writing project. It is funny how reliant we become on such things as this. Every evening when I put my children to bed I retreat to my office with a cup of warm milk and switch on my black desk lamp and review my days work. It is a bot of a ritual and when redecorating my daughters room recently she requested a lamp exactly the same. Be sure that you purchase a very comfortable chair when you redecorate the home office. This is one place you will spend hours and you really need to be sure that you are as comfortable as you possibly can be because there is nothing worse than working on a hard chair. Make the layout of your office easy for you to navigate and try and keep it tidy, I know that is a hard one for me.
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