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Save Hundreds by Using Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

by:Guangli     2020-08-26
Although you cannot fully feel the benefits of switching your regular bulbs to dimmable LED bulbs until you have tried it - it is simple and a great way to save. These specific bulbs are a fantastic way of helping the environment and could decrease your bills by hundreds. If you are still using the regular light bulbs then you are undoubtedly in for a treat if you do choose to switch. These bulbs are one of the most energy efficient bulbs you can purchase and in this day and age they are helping the environment a huge amount. If you are still unaware of how badly the Earth is in danger due to our constant consumption of fossil fuels then it is strongly recommended you educate yourself and help towards a more energy efficient environment. Fossil fuels, climate change and extinction of animals are warnings that need to be acted on immediately in order to create an environmentally friendly World. There is a new law that states the total wipe-out of regular incandescent bulbs is inevitable and most definitely going to happen in the near future. This law means that you have to switch to a much more energy efficient bulb rather than the typical bulb - so what better time to do so than now? LED bulbs in general are higher quality and they are one of the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market today. It is a proven fact that they last 10 times longer than incandescent lights meaning you will only have to re-purchase an LED once every ten years in comparison to one per year. Incandescent light bulbs emit 20% light and 80% heat when powering them whereas these other energy saving bulbs omits just 20% heat and provide a fantastic 80% light. Using the dimmable feature when it comes to light bulbs is also a fantastic way of saving energy and allowing you to control your own energy consumption. By using a dimmable setting on your lighting it also allows you to completely control the mood of the room and how bright the light is in general. You could even choose the option of having your lights constantly dimmed thus saving energy consumption further. You save money from both the purchasing of the light bulbs and the electricity bill. The typical incandescent bulb may cost A�1 in comparison to the A�2 LED bulb but LED bulbs last 15 years whereas the alternative lasts just 1. Over a period of 15 years you will have spent A�15 on incandescent and A�2 on LEDs thus saving you A�13 already - with 7 light bulbs that would be A�91. Your electricity bill could also drop by a massive amount as incandescent bulbs cost around A�57 a year to run; in comparison to LEDs which cost A�14 to run saving you A�43 per year. If you had 7 of these more energy efficient bulbs it could save you A�301 per year and A�4515 over the course of 15 years. By adding on the initial saving from the pricing of the bulbs your grand total savings could potentially be A�4606 by just changing your light bulb.
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