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Simple analysis of the users of USB lamp existence question

by:Guangli     2020-04-15
The desk lamp of in today's market, USB lamp frequency is increased, due to the appearance of the USB lamp and structure is too simple and practical, loved by the masses of users, and the USB lamp light is stronger, light enough to read a book to study or work. USB lamp users love side, of course, there is a user question, then light li according to the customer often asked some questions to make a series of reference answer, the hope can help you. Asked about user USB lamp power consumption is how much? The analysis is as follows: USB lamp is just use USB + 5 v when the power supply. In so many lighting for LED the most durable and most save electricity. Now many LED lighting all want to use. The industry is still in development. A USB this desk lamp is a kind of certificate. But I think the worry about the USB power supply is should, this kind of equipment is easy to damage the USB interface reason is: although the LED lamp power consumption is small, but the USB interface can provide power is relatively modest, USB power should be 5 v * 500 ma = 2. The 5 w ( Don't know now new computer changed didn't) So you are using the LED desk lamp had better less than 400 ma ( Leave a margin) 。 Asked about users connect a lamp on the USB port of computer have harm? Analysis is as follows: in the USB port connect a USB lamp will not damage the computer, at present, the USB port on the USB lamp are generally use the USB port is 5 v power supply, as long as you choose the USB lamp power but high, the use of it just like you use other USB device will not cause damage to the computer, but it will increase power consumption. About user asked why the USB lamp now are so cheap? Analysis is as follows: in terms of cost, this kind of USB low desk lamp on the raw material price is really special. Take the main part, it is a white light led, if just for reading, 3 watts of power is enough for the light, and three white light led cost is only a few cents, and even lower. And don't need to do complicated cavity, particularly cheap also makes the retail price. And as it used to be the sort of traditional desk lamp, often need to use more power energy-saving lamps or incandescent light bulb, because of the relatively heavier weight, also need to make sure that their own strength. From the perspective of the trend of development, led lamps and lanterns also will be the mainstream in the future market, because it is for the current efficiency is higher, also more flexible to use. Users about the USB lamp is light above often received some of the common problem analysis, follow-up have more information about the USB lamp can be through online contact us or call to negotiate.
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