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Simple said that on the desk lamp that shield an eye, USB lamp and LED lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-15
A kind of desk lamp, just as its name implies is to belong to lighting, desk lamp can help us work, study, and in the evening reading a book or play a good role on the decoration, so modern widely used, these lamps are referred to as 'for the desk lamp that shield an eye, USB lamp, LED lamp, etc. The desk lamp that shield an eye namely when we use this lamp can help us to protect his eyes. But I often see some user feedback on the Internet, always say the desk lamp that shield an eye is a cover, simply not going to work, dead also sell expensive! To these questions, I want to say is: in fact, knowledge of the desk lamp that shield an eye, everyone still understand enough. If you really intentional attention to children's health, you should work harder, I admit that the desk lamp that shield an eye up less than the effect on the market still has a lot of, its working principle and common desk lamp. Still good, but some lamps manufacturer in their eye protection, this also have to adjust the desk lamp that shield an eye, now on the market sell the desk lamp that shield an eye, has the function of protecting our eyes, not just because of using the LED light source, but its stroboscopic the desk lamp that shield an eye, more than the eye can capture the frequency, so that the desk lamp that shield an eye, general won't cause harm people's eyes, but in the case of use for a long time, eyes produce acidity, also is inevitable. USB lamp is also a kind of trend in the market, usually at night markets or supermarkets often we see, in our life has been steady foothold, so to speak. USB lamp also is easy to understand, which is able to connect it to the desk lamp of USB interface. Most USB lamp belongs to a miniature, independent of the USB interface, can be directly connected to the computer, is usually plugged into USB interface is the USB interface, USB lamp light is downy, usually have two switches, can adjust the brightness, general computer USB interface can provide external access equipment 5 volts power, current is 500 ma, and USB lamp will not take up a lot of space, and very save electricity, very suitable for students and office workers. LED lamp more commonly used in the bedroom is decorated, the existence of the advantages of stems mainly from the following seven o 'clock. A, good light source directivity, on-demand lighting, as an emergency lamp is better; Second, the intensity of illumination is enough to satisfy your general lighting needs; Third, the dc power supply, do manual work is good no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation; Fourth, the green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. Five, the solid-state light source, mechanical shock resistance; Six, no uv, no infrared; Little seven, LED lamp bead and more. Find out more about desk lamp, give your life to add some more security and colour. Especially the desk lamp that shield an eye and a USB lamp. The most commonly used on the job, study on an intelligent lamp.
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