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Small details of bedroom lighting installations

by:Guangli     2020-07-19
The bedroom is where people sleep, and one third of their lives are spent in it. For the bedroom, how to install the lighting is the most comfortable? 1. Choose according to bedroom style The decoration style of the bedroom determines the style of the lamps and lanterns. If the bedroom is modern, fresh and simple, then the lamp should match the bedroom style, and the modern style of crystal lamps should be selected; if the bedroom is classic style, choose the European style. The crystal lamp looks classic and elegant in this way. 2. Choose according to bedroom height The choice of lamps is related to the style of the bedroom and the height of the bedroom. If the bedroom is high enough, you can install a crystal chandelier to make it look good and comfortable to use; if the bedroom is not very high or choose the ceiling lamp, so as not to have a low space. The chandelier is also hanging, which makes the bedroom extremely short, and the space seems depressed, so that the bedroom is uncomfortable and even affects the quality of the rest. 3. According to the age of the bedroom owner People of different ages have different choices of bedroom lamps, so choose lamps according to living habits. The elderly generally require simple and generous lamps, and there is another point of attention is the brightness. After all, the elderly have an effect on the eyes and need to choose lamps with stronger brightness; middle-aged people often like to arrange according to their own preferences and tastes. The upper lamps are simple in color, the lamps are tastefully designed, and the most suitable for the bedroom style. Young people pursue individuality, and the range of choices is relatively wide. In general, active and bright colors, personalized and peculiar lamps are especially popular; the choice of lamps in children's rooms should pay attention to, to match the nature of children, you can choose cute Lamps with cartoon patterns or shapes, but pay attention to the development of children, not suitable for too strong lights to avoid eye damage. Four, use requirements The choice of bedroom lamps must also consider the needs of use. For example, the vanity mirror lights are usually heated lamps, which are installed on the mirror to avoid glare; some people like to lie in the bed and read books, then they can choose table lamps or wall lamps for lighting. You have to choose a light brightness lamp suitable for reading or a lamp with adjustable light brightness.
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