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Smart Decorating With A Black Desk Lamp And Red Print

by:Guangli     2020-08-18
When you are thinking about interior decorating and you are wanting to find specific pieces that can match the tone of the room, it is sometimes best to start with a single object and let the room build from there. For example, you may have a fabulous red print that you might like to make a feature of your room. The theme for the room can be built around the red print and adding carefully selected items can help to carry the theme throughout your home. You may like to team the red print with another color that compliments the print, such as black. Adding a black desk lamp beneath your print can be an eye catching arrangement. Along with the black desk lamp, think about other decorative items that may compliment the theme. Items such as rugs that have the red and perhaps a black pattern through it can be a particularly fetching combination. Keep the mood of your room in step with your decorations, so choosing to go with a red and black theme can imply a rather sophisticated taste in design and so you want to choose the items in that room rather carefully. Small items that echo each others ambiance are excellent for making a statement. Perhaps opposite the black desk lamp you could place a red vase and some black abstract glass art. Suddenly you have a very interesting display where the eye leads from the red and black floor, up to the red print and then towards your desk arrangement. Be sure to add your own personal touches when decorating and try to carry your theme from one room to the next. This can be done by including similar versions of the same color throughout the home so that it links to each room and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
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