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Some knowledge about night light you need to know

by:Guangli     2020-07-18
一、Classification of night light The night light is divided into functions: aromatherapy night light and induction night light. 1. Aromatherapy night light: mostly made of ceramic materials, divided into dyed, non-stained, carved, and other series. A small saucer can be added to the top of the ceramic night light or the top of the ceramic has a groove, which can contain essential oils to achieve the effect of aromatherapy. 2. Induction night light: suitable to be placed next to the head or computer, using the human body's touch sensor to adjust the switch and brightness. Function analysis of night light 1. Aromatherapy nightlight: Aromatherapy nightlight can purify the air, beautify the environment, and at the same time stimulate the human nerves, promote metabolism, improve sleep, etc. 2. Induction night light: creative and stylish design, enjoy the visual appearance, but also fully achieve the effect of energy-saving. 二、Knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of night light Night light cleaning 1. Due to the safety of electrical appliances, when cleaning, please pull out the plug first to avoid leakage. 2. If it has been wiped with a damp cloth, please use it after power is completely dry. Night light maintenance 1. Handle with care, move it as little as possible to avoid damage to the bulb. 2. The installation method of the night light is relatively simple. Insert the lamp head into the lampshade according to the designed slot, then rotate the lamp head 90 degrees, fix the lamp head and lampshade, and then insert the plug into the socket.
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