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Spice Up Your Home With Red Decor

by:Guangli     2020-08-07
In this article, I'll give you some ideas and tips on how to add spice and color to your home simply by adding little touches of red here and there. You'll soon see that it only takes a small bit of red to turn an otherwise drab room into a bold, beautiful, exciting living space. Red Cushions and Pillows Perhaps the easiest way to liven up your living space is to simply spice things up with a couple or red throw pillows or cushions on your sofa or recliner. You'll be surprised how one little square cushion of crimson can turn your living room from bland to bold, creating an exciting focal point for the social center of your home. Red Placemats and Napkins for Your Table Another subtle yet highly effective way to living up your living quarters is to top your dining room table with a set of red placemats and cloth napkins. In recent years it has been trendy to paint entire dining room walls in bold cherry hue. Well, that is certainly a bold statement, but let's face it, one day that burgundy dining area will go out of style, and you'll be faced with an expensive and time-consuming paint job in order to stay contemporary. A better approach? Keep your dining room walls white or other neutral color and simply accent your eating room with a tasteful hint of red in the form of a nice set of placemats and cloth napkins. Family and guest alike will enjoy their dining experience without feeling overwhelmed by a cacophony of burgundy. Red Appliances for your Kitchen Here's a cool idea for injecting some much-needed color for your kitchen. If your kitchen is not up to speed with the latest granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, no worry. You can still give your cooking quarters a jolt of energy with a clever and tasteful selection of red-colored appliances. A strategically placed cherry-colored toaster, coffee maker, or cookware set will add exciting energy against your kitchen's white walls and white or black countertops. Red Desk Lamp for Your Office My final tip is to liven up your home or work office with a red desk lamp. A red-colored lamp atop your desk will look stunning and serve as the perfect colorful focal point for what is often the most nondescript and uninviting room in your home: the office. Red desk lamps come in all shapes and sizes and styles: metallic, modern, gooseneck, classic, and even multi-functional!
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