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Stained Glass Window Panels - Versatile and Vibrant

by:Guangli     2020-06-27
Stained glass window panels can be used in a variety of applications; whether as a standalone piece hanging in front of a window or in a more permanent setting as a room divider. Whichever way you choose, these colorful works of art are the perfect way to add artistic flair to any space in both homes and work areas. Stained glass window panels are easy to shop for online since the selection is vast and it's easy to narrow your selections based on designs, colors or measurements. The allure of stained glass dates back to its inception in the 10th century. Some of the finest craftsmen were located in Syria, where pieces were made for kings and rulers in Greece and Italy. Popularity caught on quickly, and thus began massive installations in the design of churches and cathedrals. These creations, designed of colored glass artfully arranged to make intricate pictures and patterns, were meticulously crafted by skilled artisans and generally depicted religious or literary figures or referenced historical events. The mystery of stained glass results from the addition of metallic salts during glass blowing. The outcome is an incredibly beautiful coloration that, when surrounded by lead foil, produces a unique artistic masterpiece. For example, adding cobalt creates a vibrant blue color, whereas copper oxides create a green glass. Modern techniques have replaced the addition of gold to produce glass with a red tone, substituting copper for a brighter result. A variation of the manufacturing process is to paint glass and fuse it in a kiln for permanent applications. Because of the complicated installation process and the incredible weight involved in large finished pieces that adorned immense structures such as museums and cathedrals, the option to use stained glass window panels was found to be a less intensive option for displays. Current advances in manufacturing techniques result in pieces that are lightweight and easy to hang. When suspended in a window frame at the desired level, they bring tranquil beauty to any room. Stained glass window panels are incredibly versatile. Traditionally used to add beauty to windows and bring a touch of artistic beauty to your home or workplace, they can also be installed into existing windows to enhance your d?�cor and add uniqueness to your living spaces. Many owners treasure them as stand-alone pieces of art, however, preferring to hang them on a wall that needs some flair; wooden frames can be added to the panels just as you would a painting or wall hanging. Kitchen cabinet inserts are another excellent option. Instead of lifeless, static wood doors, think of using simple glass panels to add sophistication to your cabinets. Existing furniture pieces such as bookcases and armoires that contain clear glass can be modified to incorporate stained glass window panels to replicate priceless antiques at a fraction of the price. If you really want a statement piece, consider incorporating a stained glass window panel into a tabletop such as a coffee table or dining room table. The effect is incredible when matched with complementary napkins, glassware, and china. Opaque glass can be used in cases where you need to prevent sunlight coming into your home and helps with privacy in applications such as bathrooms. The transparent look of water glass is a very popular choice in stained glass window panels, as it emulates ocean waves, with peace-inducing ripples that allow for privacy in bath areas and shower stalls. Whether you use your panels in front of a window, as standalone artwork, as a room divider or incorporate the piece into existing furniture, stained glass is a medium that can really set your home apart from others in the neighborhood.
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