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Students dedicated to the desk lamp that shield an eye is harmful to the eyes good?

by:Guangli     2020-04-23
In modern life, we all like to choose some in buy lamp or attractive, concerns are forever is special, lovely appearance, or whether it is smart, light enough light. Actually light li before have no contact with desk lamp of this industry is also think so. But this is all mental, good-looking and practical can, no problem! Most people do not find, however, some students the desk lamp of special lamp brightness is brighter than the general lamp brightness is, most of the time when we look at desk lamp can feel the eyes, some dazzling. This is a desk lamp ( LED the desk lamp that shield an eye) 。 Look straight into the LED light source is can cause some damage to the eyes, because the LED lamp is a point light source, although there is damage, but also to the damage of much smaller than ordinary lamp. About LED lamp color temperature is too high at present, close to the noon sunlight color temperature, so look at is not very comfortable, and the LED desk lamp of the beam Angle is too small, the light is too concentrated, if students are not careful look words will bring irreversible damage to the eyes, and to be honest, the price is too expensive. If you don't want to buy, buy a color temperature not higher than 4000 k, or students see words will cause myopia. Run out of desk lamp is good, the company production of the desk lamp that shield an eye through professional blu-ray reduction processing, through the CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE certification testing, such as basic do without blue light, choose the higher quality LED lamp bead, no stroboscopic, no glare. At the same time, eliminate the disadvantage of incandescent lamp heats up, greatly extend the service life, reduce the damage to the eyes. Could not only eliminate the harmful to the eyes, also make the eye is the most comfortable, make the thinking of the most active 4000 k natural light, lets the student in the best environment of reading, writing. Experts say the LED as a desk lamp is not suitable for. Fudan university institute of electric light source in recent years the market for domestic reading with the desk lamp of a large number of tests, found the LED blue light many, is not good for the eyesight. In addition to the blue light, LED desk lamp of the common problems in the products in the last few years is the insufficient light flux, the light compares dark; In addition, in terms of color rendering, underneath the LED desk lamp to see color distortion. At the same time, according to only a small part of, this call light distribution is not appropriate. And LED lamp luminous point is more bright, will feel very dazzling, if looking directly at the eyes will feel very uncomfortable. At present, countries there is no a unified standard about LED desk lamp, some very time LED desk lamp is not good for the eyes. Therefore, in addition to the individual, particularly good quality goods do not have very good eye effect. Therefore, when choosing desk lamp, must from the student for the desk lamp that shield an eye of light li production, then choose from the desk lamp that shield an eye the desk lamp of aesthetic demand that accords with oneself.
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