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Styles of Lamps & Lighting - The Gooseneck Lamp

by:Guangli     2020-08-08
When choosing lighting for the home, many people choose lights that accent certain pieces of furniture, or paintings on the wall. This type of lighting is called ambiance lighting and it is generally what lights up the entire room. But what about more functional lighting? Having the ability to move a light where it is needed is more beneficial than any ambiance lighting in a room, which is why when you are considering the layout of a room for decor, you should include a gooseneck lamp. Gooseneck lamps come in many different styles and designs, including gooseneck floor lamps that are most beneficial in a large open space, or next to a chair in which you read frequently. This style of floor lamp often has a globe at the top with an inflexible light, but toward the middle half of the lamp is an off-shooting light with a gooseneck that you can move where you need it. This is beneficial for providing lighting while you are reading, or any other activity where you would like to have a little more control over how much light you have in the room. Another great use of this style of lamp is the gooseneck desk lamp. These come in the standard style that sits on top of the desk waiting for you to move it where it is needed. There is also a portable variety that has a clamp on the end, allowing you to clamp it to your desk, or even your computer screen if you need more lighting. This type of portable light is great for taking where ever you need extra lighting, since it generally runs from batteries instead of a power cable. Many people also use this style of gooseneck lamp in bed for reading when their partner is asleep, so they do not disturb him or her. Remember, it is very important to have sufficient lighting when you are reading, or working on a project, especially if it is detailed work. That is why it is a good idea to include lighting for this purpose, as well as ambiance lighting when you are decorating your main home living areas. Another thing you may want to consider is that there are many great looking, decorative gooseneck lamps on the market these days as well, so it is very possible that you can find a lamp that is decorative and highly functional at the same time.
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