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Take 15 Minutes to Organize Your Office Productively

by:Guangli     2020-08-08
1. Start with your desk: allocate 15 minutes to remove all the items from your desk top, apply cleaning product and then only allow items back on your desk that have a right to be there. Remember each item must earn the right to take up real estate on your desk. 2. Tackle the filing - spend 15 minutes each day to focus on filing papers, journals and articles (15 minute increments makes it much more manageable). 3. Create day files (Mon - Friday) manila folders each labeled with each day of the week. Use these files to capture tasks, paper, invoices and other action items that need to be done on certain days of the week. 4. Schedule a 30 minute appointment with yourself to review your Fall calendar, determine which clients need to be contacted, articles written, proposals submitted and make a 'Fall to-do list'. 5. Allocate 30 minutes to 'filing' your email inbox to electronic folders (or deleting unnecessary emails). 6. Choose fall colors to decorate your office (manila folders, stationery, cushions, desk lamp) - this will help you embrace the season... it doesn't really save you time but it sure will look fabulous! 7. Commit to reducing paper in your office (stop printing, start using PDFs, implement a recycling program and consider the environment). Less paper = less filing = more time for you to do something fun! 8. Allocate 15 minutes to cleaning all equipment (computer, keyboard, desk lamp, printer, scanner, router, and hard drive) everything in your office that has an on/off button is way overdue for a clean. 9. Spend 15 minutes sorting cables, power cords and electrical wire (use cable ties, rubber bands or ribbon to keep them all organized). Be brave, crawl under your desk and create a sense of order for all those poor cables! 10. Select a photo of a special memory or special someone and place it on your desk (choose a Fall color frame) to remind you why you work each day. OK so now you have read about it, do it! Choose one action you can do today and invest 15 minutes to accelerating your productivity and making your feel more organized!
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