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Teach Children About Endangered Species With the

by:Guangli     2020-07-04
Would it surprise you to learn that all of the species of turtles that reside in our oceans today are either endangered or threatened? It is vital to teach our children to love and care for endangered species in order to secure their survival in the future. You can help very young children about endangered sea life with the Twilight Sea Turtle. What is All the Talk About? The Twilight Sea Turtle is a plush toy that also serves as a unique night light. Out of its plastic shell, this special toy casts an enchanting constellation of stars onto any room's walls and ceiling. It banishes the dark in order to children to get a restful night's sleep. The stars that are projected within your child's room are cast in three different colors; a calm and luxurious emerald green, the color of the deep ocean blue or both colors together. After casting stars for forty-five minutes, the automatic shut-off turns off the turtle in order to preserve the life of the batteries. This gives your child plenty of time to calmly drift off to sleep. In addition, the Twilight Sea Turtle's shell also glows in the colors blue, green or aquamarine. A New Way to Learn Every creature in this world is vital in creating a healthy and functioning eco system and the calm and placid sea turtles are no exception. Not only is the Cloud B's marine turtle a great representation of earth's amazing creatures of the ocean but, this friendly creature is as educational as it is loveable. On the shell of this majestic sea turtle are pictured other species of endangered sea creatures like the Vaquita Dolphin, the Leatherback Turtle, the Blue Whale, the Knysna Seahorse and the California Sea Otter. Each of the animals that are pictured are individually lit which allows children a unique way of enjoying these creatures. In addition, included with the purchase of your Twilight Sea Turtle, your child receives The Twilight Storybook that features a story about this gentle turtle. By reading this story to your children, you can offer them a unique and fantastic way to teach them about these endangered and vital sea creatures. A great way to teach children about what they can do for endangered wildlife is to talk to them about supporting zoos, aquariums and other conservation organizations. When you purchase the Cloud B Sea Turtle, a certain percentage of the proceeds are donated to an international wildlife organization that is dedicated to saving the wildlife of our oceans. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing a sea turtle swimming in its natural environment and how it moves, you will see how gently and gracefully it glides through the water. Marine turtles are so mellow and quiet. They are the perfect creature to offer companionship and comfort to small children. They not only give little kids the opportunity to learn about endangered sea life but the Twilight Sea Turtle is the perfect friend for little ones everywhere.
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