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Temperature and humidity meter daily role

by:Guangli     2020-03-23
Night light socket, just as its name implies is the temperature and humidity measuring tool. < / p > night light socket in the life and the importance of the principle of night light socket is a word, almost everyone knows, it is the importance of monitoring the environment temperature and humidity, to keep the right temperature control. Can also be so interpreted as is used for measuring temperature and humidity of the environment, in order to determine product production or storage environment conditions. Also used in People's Daily life. Are more widely application. When there are a lot of moisture in the air, we say that the air is wet. < / p > temperature of meaning is to look at the environment temperature is more high, thus to adapt to the temperature of the mediation, but water vapor was called as the humidity in the air. Because of water vapor molecules so tiny so they cannot be seen, the humidity of the people has developed a creative method to measure the amount of water vapor. Night light socket is divided into two kinds, the first is a pointer night light socket, the second is digital night light socket < / p > night light socket measurement: the night light socket humidity measurement in principle is divided into two, more than 30. But the humidity measurement has always been one of the world famous problem in the metrology area. A seemingly simple values, underneath it, physical - involves quite complicated Chemical theoretical analysis and calculation, ChuSheZhe may be ignored in humidity measurement must pay attention to many factors, thus shadow night light socket application guide: the rational use of ring sensors. < / p > moisture sensor in industry, agriculture, meteorology, medical treatment and has been widely used in daily life, especially with the development of science and technology, for the detection and control of humidity more and more get people's attention and make a lot of research work. Usually, the ideal wet requirement is that the characteristics of the sensor used for Yu Zaikuan warm, wet, higher measuring accuracy; Longer service life, good stability; Fast response, small wet hysteresis is poor, good reproducibility; High sensitivity, good linear, small temperature coefficient; Manufacturing process is simple, easy to mass production, conversion circuit is simple, the cost is low; Corrosion resistant, resistant to low temperature and high temperature properties, etc. < / p > temperature, humidity is too high as too low will influence our daily life, therefore we will need a night light socket everyday to help us, judge life environment temperature and humidity, to better arrange our life. < / p > when we buy a night light on a socket to the measurement test environment temperature and humidity, we can make the corresponding decisions, when necessary we can exempt from unnecessary loss. < / p > chaozhou light company specializing in the production of night light socket, independent research and development production, patent design, style diversity, temperature humidity measurement, suitable for home life, office environment, production and manufacturing, etc. , please feel free to contact us. < / p > post: light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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