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Temperature and humidity meter using a small common sense

by:Guangli     2020-03-24
Small night light socket to use common sense < / p > a, calibration method, Adapted to the temperature and humidity table pointer type series) < / p > 1。 How to set-up humidity table 1). Put a wet towel to cover at the back of humidity table or whole parcel up to 30 minutes, (2). At this time of the humidity table should display humidity reading of 95% RH; ③。 Such as a pointer to point to 95% RH, should use the right screwdriver, at the back or open HouGaiBan, allocating screw fixation place until a pointer to the 95% RH; 2. How to adjust thermometer USES a precision temperature ( Meter) Table to do the reference, using the above method calibration until the correct reading. 3. How to set-up the barometer (1). Compared to the other can show you the correct pressure ( Meter) Table, or your local weather report (2). If the gauge display reading than you low pressure when the correct reading, please use a screwdriver to gauge on the back the back of the screw counterclockwise twisting, keep the barometer set-up until the correct reading. Attention and vice versa, use and maintenance: 1. Temperature and humidity clock should hang buy to ventilated place, avoid the metope of put in direct sunlight, air conditioner, in areas such as the air outlet can indicate the correct reading after about 30 minutes. 2. In temperature and humidity table may not get wet in the rain, not on copper corrosion gas environment, 3. The body feeling comfortable temperature and humidity for: 18 ℃ - 45%RH——℃23 rh4 65%。 Crops suitable humidity for: 22 ℃ - 60%RH——℃32 rh5 80%。 Users can according to the product of the temperature and humidity data with the following to provide for a variety of goods, storage temperature and humidity data comparison, to provide scientific basis for your store. < / p > < / p > chaozhou light li is committed to create a more diversified products for you to choose, light a night light, night light socket, light light beauty instrument, bring your life more convenient and safe. < / p > post: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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