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The 3 without the desk lamp that shield an eye on the market available?

by:Guangli     2020-04-22
What is 3 without the desk lamp that shield an eye? In fact, it is the desk lamp that shield an eye without blu-ray, no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic interference signal. Generally, these are belong to the desk lamp of professional manufacturer to research and development production. Now on the market generally much desk lamp manufacturer. The production of the desk lamp that shield an eye for eye damage is severe, let's take a look at these professional manufacturer the desk lamp that shield an eye will not have what related harm. The desk lamp that shield an eye about the dangers of blue LED lighting source of white light mainly consisted of 450 ~ 455 nm wavelength of the blue light stimulate phosphor powder, the shorter the wavelength of the ability to inspire. Usually the wavelength of LED light source are controlled within 500 nm, generally is 450 ~ 455 nm or 455 ~ 460 nm, belong to a stronger transmission band. If longer wavelength and inspire the ability of the phosphor powder fell, the luminous efficiency will be lower. Some manufacturers in order to pursue the brightness, usually to strengthen the blue LED light intensity, the eye if the long run, such a source will damage from blue eyes. In addition, the LED light source drive, the longer the greater the light source of the phosphor decay, leads to a blue light is more and more intense, so as to cause harm to the human eye. So the eyes see the LED light source for a long time, easy to produce, dizzy, uncomfortable feeling, will cause harm to eyes, even causes the risk of eye diseases to rise. So, don't have long watched bright LED light source. Widely used in the desk lamp that shield an eye about the dangers of stroboscopic light source for halogen lamp, fluorescent energy-saving lamps and LED lights. The light source itself is relatively stable, but because of its driving circuit can not be totally 100 hz in ac mains current fluctuation, will lead to the brightness of the light emitted by an the desk lamp that shield an eye, the light is a rapid, repeated change over time, the luminous flux of electric light source fluctuation phenomenon is called the stroboscope. Stroboscopic amplitude depends on the desk lamp that shield an eye to the size of the drive circuit of mains 100 hz fluctuation control capability. Larger extent of stroboscopic a stimulating effect on the human visual system, can produce uncomfortable feeling, cause visual fatigue, so people in choosing the desk lamp that shield an eye should carefully identify, avoid the desk lamp of stroboscopic amplitude is larger. About the dangers of electromagnetic interference signal, many of the desk lamp that shield an eye on the market, is the electronic ballast fluorescent, clear though is energy-saving lamps. This kind of lamp using electronic rectifier will rise to 30 k - current frequency 50 KHZ, this time the flashing speed very fast, far higher than the human eye response ability; Plus the afterglow effect of phosphors, were also significantly reduce variations in light intensity, the high frequency and small amplitude, flickering, the human eye is feeling not to come out. But, energy-saving lamp electronic rectifier can produce high-frequency electromagnetic interference signal, 30 - 50 KHZ, and its higher harmonic) 。 To conclude, LED lamp, energy-saving lamps, or other light source types, each have advantages and disadvantages. For average household, using mixed source, as far as possible to avoid a single light source faults. In addition, if the lamp that shield an eye eye, mainly depends on the use of the lamp, but not all the light itself. At ordinary times the lamp holder do not too high to avoid glare or desktop light too dark; Lamp holder also shoulds not be too low, otherwise the desktop light is too strong also is bad for the eyes.
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