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The 6 Advantages Of LED Light Bulbs

by:Guangli     2020-07-28
We have all become aware that replacing our current light bulbs with LED ones can save money. In fact an LED light bulb offers many advantages to us and over time these will increase as the cost of manufacturing such items come down. So just what are the advantages to be had from changing from the bulbs you currently have in the lights in your home to LED one's. Below we take a look at just a number of these. Advantage 1 - As you will discover when you read anything regarding LED light bulbs is that they last a lot longer. At the present time most LED bulbs can be used continuously for around 50,000 hours before the need to replace. Plus you will find that you have to spend very little if anything on maintaining such lighting once installed. Advantage 2 - These types of lights are capable of producing a wide variety of colored lighting much more efficiently compared to traditional lighting sources. Plus as these lights produce color on a much narrower wavelength the color produced by them is much more consistent and richer. Also there is more opportunities for be able to mix colors. As a result these types of light bulbs are perfect for using in homes to create lighting affects or to accent a room. So of course ensuring that you create an atmosphere within a room in your home that you, your family and guests will find much more inviting. Advantage 3 - Also you will find that an LED light bulb does not have any UV or IR in its spectrum. So if you have any delicate objects within your home that you want to show off to their full this can be done using such lighting without it causing any harm to it. Advantage 4 - We all know that these types of bulbs use very little energy to produce the light they emit. But they also produce very little heat and so the risk of them breaking is greatly reduced. Also these lights are a great deal stronger compared to conventional bulbs and so are much more resistant to damage when they are knocked or dropped. Advantage 5 - These forms of light bulbs can be used in conjunction with a dimmer switch so allowing you the chance to control the amount of light they emit. In fact you will find that with this type of light bulb when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch you have far more control over the lights intensity and composition compared to with conventional light bulbs. Advantage 6 - If you have someone in your home who suffers from any form of photo reactive illness installing LED light bulbs can help to alleviate their problems. In some cases it may prevent the possibility of a seizure occurring. This is because when you do turn on these types of lights unlike CFL or fluorescent ones they do not flicker. Plus as the light they produce is constant then when you are sat reading a book for example far less strain is being placed on your eyes.
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