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The advantages of beautiful small night lamp is suitable for light as a gift

by:Guangli     2020-04-01
1, light a night light: use the optical technology, LDE light energy saving, the real reached 1 year 1 KWH, than ordinary lighting energy saving, environmental protection; In line with the green at the same time the trend of The Times and national advocacy of low carbon can foil a gift enterprises pay attention to energy saving, green, environmental protection has social mission is responsible for the positive energy of tall corporate image. < / p > 2, light a night light can according to the light automatic control switch, the brightness of the intelligent electric function with strong sense of science and technology, the novelty, enable recipients to give the enterprise innovation, science and technology, leading the trend of positive image. < / p > 3, compact appearance, the shape is novel, practical strong, consumer audience widely! < / p > 4, as a gift, insert the socket, and use every day, every day to remind consumers, coupled with small night light luminous function so can attract more fees become propaganda focus elimination, so will the contents of the publicity printed on small night lamp can have very good repeated advertising remind promotion effect - — Equivalent to a small household type mini advertising light boxes, played for advertisers brand plays an important role in promoting. < / p > 5, small night lights low item value for mass distribution, do a small package or a give a way of giving, can increase the audience of the gifts of maximum amount, to better promote the double effect of marketing and advertising. < / p > 6, if purchasing can use transfer printing technology of night light product can equate to effect the pattern design of printing paper printing or photo on the night light products, plus the set off of lights can have illustrated, flexible, vivid show good effect. < / p > 7, all the small night light products with independent development of the patent right, no risk of infringement. < / p > 8, light a night light products through the national 3 c safety certification, eu CE certification, ROHS certification, quality, safety and reliability. < / p > article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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