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The Art of Office Lighting

by:Guangli     2020-06-16
Office lighting is one of the important attributes in decorating, illuminating as well as creating the ambience in the office premises. It also helps in stimulating alertness and activeness in the workers. So it is very important to choose the correct set of lights distinctively for each place including table tops, ceiling lights, corridor lights, hall area and others. Each place has specific requirements which need to be keeping in mind while purchasing as well as installation. It should be incandescent, but the brightness should be as per needed and not portray a disturbing presence in the room. In case of a larger office area, it is the common concept that uniform lights should be fixed all around the area so that the brightness and lighting remains same. But often it has been found that these kind of light fittings may provide huge disturbance to the eyes and can be too much intense. As per various interior decorators it is always beneficial to fix ceiling lights in different intensities depending on the decoration of the office. The focus area like table tops should get more amounts of concentrated lights than some other corner of the room. Computer light is an important attribute which cannot be avoided almost in all offices. The computer light can be harmful to the eyes, especially in dark room, in lengthy working hours, if the lighting arrangement is not proper.. In this case the table lamps provide a good solution in illuminating the workstation. The light of the table lamps are concentrated on the workstation making it brighter and lessening the damaging effect of the computer light. Wall lights or the wall washer are good concepts in case of these situations. Natural lighting is another good way of enlightening the office area. If there are good numbers of windows or space for natural sunlight to peep in, then there is nothing better than it. It reduces the requirement of ceiling lights and helps in giving a glowing ambience to the office area without artificial help. However while placing lights it should be checked so that the lights are not glaring as it can be very disturbing and unimpressive. Shiny surfaces should be avoided and matte colors should be used. Floor lighting also produces a subdued ambience. Even there are various kinds of lights with special characteristics and colors in each. This should be checked while selecting the lighting for each area. The aim should be to have good lighting as it can really make a difference in the ambience and overall look of the office space.
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