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The bedroom lamp ( LED touch lamp) Put what pay attention to?

by:Guangli     2020-04-28
LED touch lamp application is more and more widely, but it's the largest number of applications, the contemporary bedroom prosperous society. Generally the house that new clothes builds, new decoration of the bedroom will be put on the bedside table a of two LED touch lamp or some USB lamp, etc. Why do you want to put on the bedside table lamp (bedroom LED touch lamp) 吗? Mainly to lighting provides the convenience for us. On the other hand is the bedroom lamp in fengshui ( LED touch lamp) Can also bring good feng shui effect for the bedroom. But the bedroom lamp ( LED touch lamp) Put there are still some exquisite, put proper rest easy, may when will affect the emotion. A good feng shui bedroom can let our family fortunes become more good, if we are a single, two people a desk lamp can be put on the bedside table, so that can put the room ShaQi to ease off, but also can make our mind stable. Put the lamp on the left can let us become more good luck, but have to put two couples room lamp, or it will is a very unlucky thing. If we are to put the two bedside lamp, this will let the affection between husband and wife become more good. Bedroom only a desk lamp is put beside to it, can't give it to put on the head of a bed, so you can keep the light cause harm to our eyes. And special big problems for our health, the head of shenyang station will let us become restless, that would let the sleep quality of a particularly large impact. Couples room if put desk lamp on head, can let the affection between husband and wife is affected, but also can let husband and wife always have the existence of the gap, a little bit of little things can make the two always quarrel, such feelings will break up in the morning and evening, even the path of marriage to divorce! When put desk lamp in the bedroom is most can put two, but also is put in the can, such ability can let whole home become particularly good feng shui. Don't assume that each side to put a more can let the family finances become more good, it will only bring us light evil spirit, and also an especially large impact on our health. So when put desk lamp to pay special attention to, this is also related to our relationships. If the area of the bedroom is quite wide, our family and to choose the ark of the head of a bed in the bedroom is larger style, this will let us in to the bedroom when choosing desk lamp to choose a larger design, so as not to decorate make whole bedroom gives a person a kind of special stingy feeling. And put a big desk lamp won't let us feel depressed, and for the quality of our sleep also won't have influence. See here, have you ever felt very surprised, after buying LED touch lamp and choose the placement of the bedroom, light also feel wulitou, but this kind of thing would rather have not trusted their no letter. So you still used as a reference to understand!
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