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The classification of the small night lights

by:Guangli     2020-03-17
A: aromatherapy small night lamp: to ceramic material is divided into dyeing, the dyeing, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, etc. Ceramic small night light at the top of the can add a little bit or ceramics have groove at the top of the design, can blossom essential oil, thus to achieve the effect of aromatherapy. < / p > method of use: < / p > 1. The small night light plugged into the socket, after checking fixed good, open the lamp, and then put three seven distinguish between water and oil. Small night lamp lights for a period of time, after the quantity of heat of light oil volatilization, achieve the effect of aromatherapy. < / p > 2。 。 Aromatherapy small night light can purify air, beautify the environment, at the same time can stimulate human body, promote metabolism, improve sleep, etc. < / p > 2: clap a night light: suitable for near the head of a bed or a computer, using the human touch induction switch and brightness adjustment. < / p > 3: voice control small night light: place in staircase corridor and so on, make use of the sounds made by human walking to control switch, at the same time, small night lights in the absence of use over a period of time, shut down automatically. < / p > one, according to the switch type points: divided into push button, plug-in, remote control type, guyed, touch, The human body infrared) Induction, acoustic, electric and other < / p > 2, according to the type of light source points: divided into energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, incandescent lamp, lamp beads, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp tube < / p > 3, according to the function points: aromatherapy small night lamp, small night lights, sex appeal, small night lights lighting, craft decoration small night lights, holiday gifts small night lights, clap entertainment small night lamp, reading other purposes such as small night light < / p > 4, according to the using range: corridor small night lights, bedroom small night lights, household place small night light a night light, hotel lobby, hotel rooms, small night lights, leisure entertainment, small night lights, exhibition hall, small night light, small night lights and the other corridor. Five, according to the (< / p > Chimney) Material to points: divided into PVC material, PC material, ceramic material, evade glue materials, plastic, acrylic material, stainless steel decorative pattern hollow out carve small night light < / p > 6, according to the shape of the lamp: divided into petals light, mushroom lamp lights, star lights, decorative pattern one carving, heart light, cartoon lamp, football light, human-shaped lamp, all kinds of plant and animal shape lamp, etc. < / p > 7, according to the transformer: electronic transformer, inductance transformer, transformer and other small night light < / p > < p > < / p > article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p >
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