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The design of the LED lamp

by:Guangli     2020-05-07
LED light source as the fourth generation of new energy-saving light source, from the time of birth is used as the light source of all kinds of lamps and lanterns. Incandescent lamp as the light source the light efficiency is only five percent, and the LED light source of luminous efficiency is almost close to ninety percent. LED lighting, with its high energy saving, long life, the characteristics of the environmental protection has become the focus of people widely. Desk lamp is every family in the use of the common lamps and lanterns, high brightness LED light source in recent years because of its manufacturing technology by leaps and bounds, and its production cost and decreasing, now the lamp to use LED light source as high brightness, high efficiency and power saving, no lighting source of carbon emissions. A concise and practical LED desk lamp project is shown in figure 1. AC220V via the adapter in the safety of the lamps and lanterns outside step-down transformation, to the LED desk lamp to provide stable dc 12 v power supply, base in the lamp shell and in the constant current source power panel, dc voltage transform into stable dc constant current source, in order to meet the technical requirements of the LED light source. In front of the dc constant current source can add a power switch, so that the lamps can be shut off when not in use dc power supply, but can't shut off 220 v ac power, so don't take the adapter power plug from the wall, this is also the only drawback of the practical scheme. If you do not wish to adopt mechanical switch, and want to have a more creative selling point, can choose electronic touch switch, such as finger tapping lamp open - can be realized > All bright and half dark, shut; Due to the rapid progress of electronic technology, electronic touch switch is now a low-cost devices.
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