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The desk lamp that shield an eye and the choice of common desk lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-21
In The Times of many intelligent electronic products research and development more and more, desk lamp also is so, phyletic and various. But in the face of so many kinds of desk lamp, desk lamp is the healthy eye for users? In life, our eyes are very important, especially for students, children and office workers. Desk lamp is a commonly used equipment, to meet the demand of household lighting and, therefore, the desk lamp of a healthy and comfortable is very important. The use of desk lamp is very exquisite, because the lamp light source are more concentrated, has the strong directivity, read and write, if the proximity light, the light is too strong, dazzle light, will hurt glasses, light if from far, are easy to cut, hand and body block, also prone to dazzle light, so when reading and studying, according to the brightness of the light, the location of the user's head and suitable to adjust the position of the lamp holder, to ensure that the books, desktop luminosity. The choice of the desk lamp that shield an eye must carefully! 1, for light source types, halogen lamp, fluorescent energy-saving lamps and LED light strengths and are not perfect. Therefore, only according to the characteristics of their most attention ( Spectrum, light stability, for example) To select a source type, don't try to please everyone. 2, if use halogen lamps/incandescent lamp, then choose only with simple on/off of the desk lamp, without having to bring their own desk lamp dimming function. The dimmer lamp use the fast way to implement the on/off current dimmer function, which can bring serious stroboscopic problem. 3, if use LED lights, that be especially careful. Although leds cost is low, the question is more, try to choose a recognized international brand, don't choose less known and inferior brand, stick a card, or by the desk lamp of advertising campaign to promote. Because the LED lamp performance is not only related to LED light source, also related to drive light circuit. It is a good light source, in the less known and inferior brand/OEM lamps and lanterns, poor tend to have a wonderful work of photosynthetic efficiency, Such as stroboscopic problem) 。 4, the height and Angle of the lampshade must be flexible adjustable, in order to realize the dimming function, and avoid dazzling glare and reflections of the problem. 5, don't assume that your is good, at least not too bad. There is no evidence to suggest that high prices good desk lamp, desk lamp counterexample is very many, many common desk lamp with high prices do stunts, misdirect consumer. So can't in order to price advantages and disadvantages, and to rationally from the type of light source and lamps and lanterns structure to select table lamps. Common desk lamp is easy to hurt eyes, br is anti glare, blu-ray and stroboscopic do enough. Therefore strictly selected in the development, to the three aspects put forward higher requirements, at the cost of double light source is designed to balance the environment light, blue light effects through tough eu light biological safety tests, the lights flicker frequency is close to natural light. When many users on a single, using a mobile phone camera to simple stroboscopic light test, actually in this lamp in mobile phone screen, is can't see the light area. Therefore, in the choice of one of the desk lamp that shield an eye at the same time is also equivalent to choose a healthy eye, don't think it is expensive, because you will know that this method is very clear.
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