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The desk lamp that shield an eye four terms

by:Guangli     2020-04-20
Every industry has every industry professional advertising terms, the desk lamp that shield an eye, too. But we can't just rely on the AD to buy the product, to consider from various aspects. Let's to reveal about the desk lamp that shield an eye four big advertising terms. Stroboscopic stroboscopic proof about the desk lamp that shield an eye is the lamp of the basic requirements, the manufacturer also is easier to solve the problem of stroboscopic, using qualified there would be no stroboscopic dc current problems. Stroboscopic refers to the lamp light in a certain frequency in the flashing. This flicker is invisible to the naked eye, but can let an eye very tired. When buying a desk lamp, out his phone and open the camera, look at the screen will have obvious grid. Blue light is the light of the dark blue on the desk lamp that shield an eye is less, no blue, blue light is not on behalf of the light is good, may have the lack of light. Within the color temperature of 5000 k about blu-ray harm is alarmist, the blue light is a false concept. Part of the blue light is natural light, has been around forever, and blue light harm is nearly two years to higher frequency. The so-called blue light, on the premise of consistent color, is completely tied and color temperature, color temperature is high, the blue light is much, color temperature is low, less blue. Summer noon to three o 'clock in the afternoon sunlight, is white, the color temperature of 6000 k, blu-ray content is very high, but as long as don't stare at the sun, in the natural light offline don't cause any damage. And used for indoor lighting lighting, color temperature generally below 5000 k, and the most suitable reading learning color temperature around 4000 k. Scope of this class does not exist blu-ray harm. And desk lamp manufacturer despite talk dose damage is to play rascal, creating panic, even the worst fake white LED, as long as you don't use eyes straight GouGou stare, also won't have any big damage, because human minus blue instead, lead to the low color visual discomfort caused by the eye fatigue caused by the consequences far far far outweigh the harm of blue light. You know, we human beings exist in a natural environment for so many years, how to get to now think of natural light in the blue light is bad light, so you must polish eyes, don't talk about blue. Glare solve the glare is on the desk lamp that shield an eye to see if light bead side light and the process of the lampshade, lamp shade on this issue is a scientific and technological content. Through practice to understand said is light dazzling, is divided into direct glare and reflected glare. Direct glare is directly see the light feel dazzling, reflected dazzling light is light in generating a smooth high reflection of the light. At present the craft of effectively prevent glare has two ( A good desk lamp factory will combine two ways to use) , one is light bead light, avoid light bead light straight; One is to soft light with chimney, chimney is divided into two frosted cover and diffusion, with frosted cover ( Diffusers) The light bead covered up, the technology is cheap, general shanzhai factories use; Spread to cover with a special process, scatter light, the light soft evenly. About the radiation as long as the desk lamp that shield an eye to choose regular brand the desk lamp that shield an eye, basic don't have to worry about radiation problem. A ballast will have instant big radiation, but just turn on the light, soon failure, and 15 cm distance, radiation safety. Energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp ballasts, LED lamp, incandescent lamp without ballast, radiation is not big.
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