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The desk lamp that shield an eye is about to choose the function of eye

by:Guangli     2020-04-20
Don't know if the parents have found that now The Times of electronic products, hengfa parents to many children and students are at doing eyes. Children's vision problems in recent years, more and more serious, not only because of the use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, is now more child heavy academic pressure, need long time of study desk, the majority of children have different degrees of myopia. As now on the market all kinds of USB lamp, LED desk lamp, the desk lamp that shield an eye as place the bedroom and the dinner table or desk, desk, for lighting items, actually also is one of the important factors that affect the children eyesight, when choosing is absolutely not fair to middling. To do the children's eye treasure is unqualified, first of all, this lamp must satisfy the conditions of the optical properties. Writing desk lamp in the normal working position, has the following three main optical performance requirements. Require a: shading sex one is under the condition of normal sitting position, eyes to the horizontal direction, should see the inside of the lampshade and light source; Requirement 2: desktop illumination requirements lamp work area should be lx - 250 500 lx, minimum intensity of illumination should be & ge; 120 lx; Requires three: illumination uniformity requirements shall ensure that the lamp of the work area, intensity of illumination is relatively uniform, does not produce bright or dark spot in particular, only to ensure that the optical performance of the three basic requirements, to reduce the fatigue of eyes, can be called is a writing desk lamp. At the end of the day, the child's dream is very big, but very far away, eyes are small, but very important, can you see the distant distance. Eye protection, start small, light li r&d and production of the desk lamp that shield an eye you're worth it. Let your child experience the real natural light.
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