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The desk lamp that shield an eye is not the cause of the light and processing methods

by:Guangli     2020-04-21
In our daily life, busy working and learning efforts involve the use of the lamp. The desk lamp that shield an eye especially, give to us not only to provide lighting so simple and play a certain protective effect to the eyes. Since the desk lamp that shield an eye so popular, so it is in the process of or use after long time of fault will not happen suddenly dawn? The answer is yes. We take a look at! On the desk lamp that shield an eye is not the cause of the light, suddenly breakdown about the following: 1, the switch of desk lamp, due to poor contact, suddenly put out; Processing method: be caused poor contact bulb out of, then can press a few times more with medallion, to see if it will be bright, if it is lit, it was the result of poor contact, but still bad, may be the bulb is burnt out, need to change the bulb. 2, circuit board inside the lamp, the original problem, burnt out; Use the other methods, and if the bulb is not bright, so only can be circuit board. If the lamp is a bargain, it is good to change a new directly, if more high-grade, please repair the circuit board. 3, desk lamp plug, because of the lug plate contact is not good, cause the lights; Methods: if the lamp is not lit, suddenly need to find the most fundamental reason, and then according to the specific reason to effect a radical cure. After, the phenomenon of the lights on, can be in a few more lug plate hole, will look bright, if not bright, illustrates the lamp itself. 4, desk lamp bulb tubes due to the use of the time is too long, and causing them to burn out. Processing method: to buy lamp small shop or supermarket, asked whether the same lamp bulb, so can buy directly, if not, then you can buy the same model. Generally speaking, the price of the bulb a few dollars can buy. That is on the desk lamp that shield an eye is not the cause of the light and processing method, desk lamp is not bright, suddenly need to a few simple detection method, determine its nature, and then repair. Don't blindly operation, lest produce risk.
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