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The desk lamp that shield an eye purchase requirements

by:Guangli     2020-04-19
The desk lamp that shield an eye is indicate that the two words that shield an eye, prove to people's eyes is very exquisite, especially students to learn and office staff. So how to buy the desk lamp that shield an eye to protect our eyes? First of all, consumers generally inner technology of desk lamp, Mainly includes the ballast, lamp holder/lamp) So not to know, when the choose and buy is often dazzling, sometimes have to by price, style and color to choose, have certain blindness. In fact, when buying the desk lamp that shield an eye as long as pay attention to the following four o 'clock. The first point: to see the light, 1) Brightness stability, flicker-free; ( 2) The light is downy; ( 3) Light is even, not a small point light source; ( 4) Lamps and lanterns/chimney design is reasonable, no glare, The eye can see the window) Built-in grid reflector, some chimney, effectively reduce the lighting area and the lighting area of contrast. The second point: want to see the product certificate, safety certificate documents to complete, should have the identity of the compulsory certification CCC national security, is often said that the 3 c certification marks. These certificates are actually special agencies to consumers control method. The third point: the use and maintenance method is simple, easy to replace the lamp holder and lamp holder must be replaced, and the best is a common standard interface ( Such as E27 - Coarse lamp holder E14 - Lamp holder, G4 G9 / pin lamp bead, the diagram below) Lamp holder, so one thousand lamp holder is broken, convenient to replace. Fourth: want to see the after-sales service and maintenance you must have the address and telephone number. Choose good light is important, but still need to pay special attention to the use of the lamp, to ensure that his eyes gaze area light intensity and evenness, right is not high and not low. No matter the LED desk lamp, the desk lamp that shield an eye, or other light source types, each have advantages and disadvantages. But for consumers, using mixed source, as far as possible to avoid a single light source faults. In addition, whether or not the desk lamp that shield an eye eye, mainly depends on the use of the lamp, but not all the lamp itself. At ordinary times the lamp holder do not too high to avoid glare or desktop light too dark; Lamp holder also shoulds not be too low, otherwise the desktop light is too strong also is bad for the eyes. The warmth of this is to buy the desk lamp that shield an eye after advice.
Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a socket and plug lamp holder socket in place.
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