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The desk lamp that shield an eye purchasing information and the use of attention

by:Guangli     2020-04-19
The desk lamp that shield an eye of purchase and use here is already a cliche, but there are a lot of consumers can't see, lili alone here today speak again. As follows: purchase information about the desk lamp that shield an eye: the first step: first of all, to look at the light of the lamp that shield an eye 1. Brightness stability, flicker-free; 2. The light is downy; 3. Light is even, not a small point light source; 4. Lamps and lanterns/chimney design is reasonable, no glare, The eye can see the window) Built-in grid reflector, some chimney, effectively reduce the lighting area and the lighting area of contrast. Step 2: see the product certificate, safety certificate documents to complete, should have the identity of the compulsory certification CCC national security, is often said that the 3 c certification marks. These certificates are actually special agencies to consumers control method. Step 3: the use and maintenance method is simple, easy to replace the lamp holder and lamp holder must be replaced, and the best is a common standard interface ( Such as E27 - Coarse lamp holder E14 - Lamp holder, G4 G9 / pin lamp bead, the diagram below) Lamp holder, so one thousand lamp holder is broken, convenient to replace. Step 4: the last to see whether the after-sale service must have a service address and telephone number, choose good light is important, but still need to pay special attention to the use of the lamp, to ensure that the eye gaze area light intensity and evenness, right is not high and not low. Fees are usually inner technology of desk lamp ( Mainly includes the ballast, lamp holder/lamp) So not to know, when the choose and buy is often dazzling, sometimes have to by price, style and color to choose, have certain blindness. In fact, as long as pay attention to when buying more than four o 'clock. When we find out the desk lamp that shield an eye purchase information, and buying after the desk lamp that shield an eye home use, also need to be aware of the use of the desk lamp that shield an eye. 1. Avoid the lamp holder of dazzling glare and reflective for illumination, and they have obvious damage to the eyes. After turn on the light, to adjust the lamp holder height, let the brightness of the target area is roughly right; Visually and then fine-tuning the illuminate of lamp holder Angle, no glare and reflections, improve target area light evenness. Photometric measurement, if the center of the exposure area and before and after, left, right four edge location of the light brightness levels are basically the same, so the area light uniformity is good. 2. Radiation area of the light brightness and uniformity to conform to the actual situation with the eye, this for a long time, close your eyes, Such as read/write) That is particularly important. It should be pointed out that, different situation with the eye, Such as general activities, leisure reading, read and write) , for the target area of light intensity and uniformity is different, have detailed numerical provisions in gb. However, adopted by the lamp light source type, the power of light source, light source and the shapes of the lampshade, not easy to control the target area of actual brightness and uniformity. For the brightness of the light and uniformity, because general visual subjective, big deviation. So, adjust the light, should use eye photometric brightness monitoring tools such as. When you know how to buy the desk lamp that shield an eye, at the same time, also want to have cognitive for its use, not blindly buy, otherwise not only bought, will inevitably damage to the eyes.
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