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The desk lamp that shield an eye really can protect your eyes?

by:Guangli     2020-04-18
Eyes as we human only refers to a lighting lamp is very important. It can see a lot of good things, at the same time it also is very fragile, especially in the use of desk lamp. Desk lamp as a night lighting use of electronic product, its use as well as a wide range. Some people put the lamp on their children to study; Some people use a desk lamp in the bedroom is put on; Some people use a desk lamp in the work fine. Only lighting, but they only think of eyes had never thought of desk lamp if you don't pay attention to this piece, then follow-up more is more serious damage to the body. Light li for this problem under a lot of kung fu in the desk lamp that shield an eye, no matter you are to buy for their children to study this piece or work for yourself reading this piece of have very big eye to help. Lamps and lanterns can improve the distribution uniformity of light, and can reduce or the chimney that reduce glare as well as provide light source of current drive circuit. In fact, no matter what the lamp, as long as is natural light, has certain influence on the visual, so try to use mixed light source. In addition, to protect the eyes, the most main is the use of the lamp. On the one hand, should be sure to look at the light is bright enough, as well as chimney can cover the light source to avoid glare; On the other hand also want to avoid watching lamp holder is too close to the area ( Books/desktop) , leading to a bright light. To really play a good, on the other hand, the effect of desk lamp, you should first understand the characteristics of the lamp. Otherwise, it is a good desk lamp, if improper use will do harm to the eyes. Desk lamp light source is concentrated, have very strong directivity. Learning, light if the proximity, the light is too easy to hurt your eyes; Lamp if from far away, the light is dim, also easy to hand, head or upper body. So often happens when learning, reading, the light is too light or too dark, the average person is not easy to grasp the light whether appropriate, cannot be aware of your posture, this is why the help of luminance measurement tools such as optical pen to monitor desk lamp light. So, good desk lamp light source, and a suitable brightness, can let desk lamp play its proper role, both be short of one cannot. In the end, the desk lamp that shield an eye is only partly reduced the negative factors that affect vision, such as strobe, but without a country and of a stroboscopic and eye detection standards. So we in the use of desk lamp or pay more attention to some details will truly accurate to protect our eyes.
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