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The desk lamp that shield an eye to choose which manufacturer is good student?

by:Guangli     2020-04-22
On the desk lamp sales market at present, the desk lamp that shield an eye brand more and more students, so the LED desk lamp exactly what is the harm to the eyes? Let's take a look at below. Social status is more popular LED the desk lamp that shield an eye, about this lamp is really eye has attracted controversy. First is blue, because the launch of the light source, LED lamp which is occupying most of the blue. And LED desk lamp is heavily dependent on blu-ray stimulate phosphor, wavelength ultra low, then its excitation ability is stronger, on the other hand wavelength, phosphor ability drops, shining rate also decreases. If consumers long-term work under LED desk lamp, the eye will be affected by blue light. Followed by the LED desk lamp light source is relatively single, narrow and chromatography, consumers for a long time to read in this light, easy to get tired eyes. In addition, the eyes of the optic nerve is easy to be affected by bad. So consumers in the choice of LED desk lamp, avoid to choose a single light source of LED desk lamp, the light should be selected as much as possible the r&d and production of mixed light source of LED desk lamp. Li r &d and production of mixed light LED desk lamp light has the following five advantages: 1. LED the desk lamp that shield an eye different from traditional lamps and lanterns, environmental protection, no pollution and no thermal radiation characteristics; 2. LED the desk lamp that shield an eye biggest characteristic is to save electricity, adopts the design of low energy consumption and desk lamp in the case of provide sufficient lighting, power as small as possible. Use the light source of semiconductor technology production has a very high photoelectric conversion efficiency, can maximum limit become bright; 3. LED the desk lamp that shield an eye wick durable, service life up to 10 years, is 100 times of the ordinary light bulb; 4. LED the desk lamp that shield an eye of light source does not contain toxic heavy metals such as tungsten, mercury, and semiconductor light source without tungsten filament incandescent lamp, mercury also does not have the inside of the fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps; 5. LED the desk lamp that shield an eye safety is higher, because of its low voltage 12 v dc power supply and hard glass parts, ensure the safety of users. And 36 v is the minimum voltage, can feel the body is less than 36 v power supply is safe to human body.
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